At Mere Brow Gundogs we offer a variety of dog training and dog related services in the west and south Lancashire area. We offer obedience classes, private lessons, behaviour modification, gundog training and the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme classes.

Our aim is to train dogs and their owners whilst providing a happy and positive training experience for handlers and dogs.

We work with dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages and specialise in dogs that other trainers consider “hard to train”. Mere Brow Gundogs offers professional, effective dog training services based on modern, humane and motivational techniques.

Training takes place at various locations around the Lancashire area. Our gundog training is set to suit the individual’s needs whether it is for a picking up dog, peg dog, beating dog or trialling  dog.

The obedience training is set to eliminate any problems owners may have and to have a well behaved pet. 

We also train for Working Tests and for Field Trials.

All our training is carried out in a kind, positive manner. We pride ourselves on having happy, confident dogs that love to work for us.

If you are not able to walk your dog, we offer a high-quality dog-walking service and help ensure your dog gets the essential exercise they need to stay healthy and happy. 

Dog & Gundog Training Services

Please contact Paul or Laura for training times and locations – 07793 493855 / 07711964292